Do you want to know one good reason to choose an iPageplan? We can give you ten reasons to do so. It’s surely the best web hosting service today. Search for reviews and you will hundreds of them praising this web hosting service. Let’s take the statistics of one day. You will be surprised by the numbers. It had a net increase of 303 totally new domains. It had only five deleted domains. Now that’s a great achievement! None of the other hosting services can boast this number. Ok, apart from that, it had 264 new customers and 117 customers actually transferred their domain to iPage.

Why Choose the Plan?

If the abovementioned reasons are not enough, you should probably read this part with utmost care. The first factor is the coupons. The basic plan costs you about $6.95 per month. However, the promo coupon, which many sites offer can bring down the cost to a meagre $2.99! The primary reason for choosing this web hosting service is all the features it provides. This web hosting service, unlike many other services, does not offer a teaser only to make you upgrade into another plan where you have to pay more money to get what you want.

They offer a very popular, unlimited web hosting plan which includes unlimited data transfer at high speeds, unlimited disk space, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited hosting domains, free domain name, unlimited MySQL databases, WordPress, and free website builders. There are a host of other services offered by this web hosting service. You can have them all at a very affordable price. Moreover, they provide servers that never fail. They use the best of technologies and have foolproof backup servers and systems so that you never run out of service. Your website will be functioning 24X7 at 100% capacity.

This feature is especially important for those having online stores and must use the ecommerce features. For them, a server failure means huge losses. Therefore, you must use this web hosting service no matter what type of website you have. Let’s discuss the features in detail so that you get a clear idea of this hosting service provider. Once you are sure of its supremacy, you can use the coupon to start using the service.

The Price Factor – You get unlimited web hosting at $3.50 per month! It’s one of the lowest prices in the industry and there’s no need for you to sign-up for yearly services for enjoying the savings.

Usage Factor – It’s really unbelievable how at only $3.50 you get a host of features! iPage’s web-hosting plan offers unlimited data transfer at high speeds, unlimited disk space, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited hosting domains, free domain name, unlimited MySQL databases, WordPress, free website builders and many more. You can’t even dream of having all these at such a price.

Life-Time Domain Name – This is perhaps the best bonus you get when you sign for iPage’s account. You get a domain name for free. You even get to choose a domain name. The registration fee that needs to be paid every year, is paid by the service only. This saves you money.

Money-Back Guarantee – Here’s a funny thing. This web hosting service offers the option of anytime money-back guarantee in case users are unsatisfied with the services. Naturally, this never happens! No one can say he/she isn’t happy.

Site-Building Tools are Free – Whether you are creating a business site or only a blog, you have all tools at your disposal. Use them the way you want and get your website up and running.

Green Web-Hosting – The company runs its servers and everything else with wind power.

All the Free Marketing Coupons – For the initial website traffic, you getYahoo advertising credits ($25), Google advertising credits ($50), and some Facebook credits, with the web hosting plan.

Security Suite for Free – This is so very important. With increasing threats cropping up in the web world, you need a safe and secure way of running your online business. iPage’s security suite come free of cost.

Free WordPress Blog – Make use of this highly popular blog platform and use hundreds of plug-ins to give your business the perfect start!

Unlimited BandwidthiPage offers unlimited bandwidth which means your website won’t crash or disconnect even when you have huge web traffic.

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