7 Best Web Hosts for Indian Websites

7 Best Web Hosts for Indian Websites

Is your website at India fully optimized for its local audience?
It is a big no for you unless you have taken care of your server latency.
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In this article, we will look into:
  1. What is Latency
  2. How a Local Web Host Improves Latency
  3. Best Web Hosting for Indian Websites

Define Latency

Latency is the time that a web server takes for receiving and processing a user request.
Suppose, you send a content request to a server and it responds back after 100 milliseconds. This 100 milliseconds time is called the server latency.

Latency: The reason to choose a local web host

Latency is an important share of your website loading time. The lower it is, the faster your site loads.
Server latency depends on how far the server is from you. If you are closer to it, the request travel time will be lower, which will result in a faster latency.
The same rule applies to your website users. If they are all located in India, your website will serve faster from an India-based server, than one in aboard, say a UK-based hosting.

How local web host improves latency?

Let’s take a look on our website’s response times:
Here’s the speed report generated at Bitcatcha.
What do you comprehend from it?
The fastest latency is seen in the US (W) and second in the US (E). It is because the server of our site (hosted by Inmotion Hosting) is located in the US (W) zone.
The response times went higher as the distances from the server increased. The farthest place has the longest latency.
So here is what we can conclude:
  • If you have a website for local audiences, a local web server based host would be more beneficial in terms of offering a faster website.
  • Your website optimization is not complete unless you can provide faster latency to your website users.

 Other factors to consider when choosing a web host

What makes a web hosting company “best”? There are a number factors to consider:
  1. Server performance in term of reliability and speed
  2. Options to upgrade in future
  3. Number of domains you can host in one account
  4. Price (both signup and renewal)
  5. Refund and customer care policy
  6. Email hosting
  7. Essential features – including auto app installer and backup features
  8. After sales support
  9. Control panel and user friendliness
  10. Eco-friendliness
Truth is – there’s no one-fit-all answer in the quest of best web host. What’s best for me might not be right for you. In this article, we focus in latency and overall quality (eg. price and features). To understand this topic better, read our choosing guide here.

Indian Best Web Hosting (Based on Latency Analysis)

We have tested and selected seven best web hosts who have web hosting servers in India. They were ranked based on their latency, price and features.
In a glance, here are the seven best web hosting companies I recommend for Indian websites.
Web Host Server Location Response Time (from India) Speed Rating Price
Bitcatcha W.P.Test Mumbai 107 ms 117 ms B ₹259/mo
ZNetLive Noida 118 ms 161 ms A ₹49/mo Delhi 115 ms 209 ms C ₹75/mo
HostingRaja Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore 86 ms 337 ms B ₹99/mo Mumbai 109 ms 343 ms B ₹222/mo Powai 112 ms 324 ms A ₹89/mo
Hostripples Pune 109 ms 662 ms C+ ₹35/mo


 Website: is the regional company of BlueHost Global but their operations are fully separate. It uses ResellerClub’s servers (a Mumbai-based hosting company) to host websites in India.
This company was acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2011 who also houses other big names such as HostGator and iPage.
Their offered support methods are 24/7 live chat, phone and support tickets. There is a knowledge base for users regarding their products and offerings.
Notable Features                       

  • Server Location: Mumbai
  • Unlimit­ed disk space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts and FTPs
  • Automated backup one in every five days
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Local payment options – Debit Card, Net Banking, Offline Payment
  • Cannot host multiple websites in Standard plan
  • Shared hosting starts at ₹259/mo
Latency Test Results
Bitcatcha (Bangalore): 107 ms.
* Click to enlarge image. (Mumbai, EC2, Chrome): 0.117s
* Click to enlarge image.

2. ZNetLive

ZNetLive started back in 2001 as a reseller host and later they developed their hardware for providing  Linux, Windows, dedicated server and more hosting services.
Prices of their shared hosting plans (both Linux and Windows) can go very low when it is bought for a longer period.
ZNetLive uses their own-structured NodeFirst support system (5-tier). They have 24/7 phone call, live chat and support tickets as their support methods.
A knowledge base is also present in their website for educating users about their products.
Notable Features
  • Server Location: Noida
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • SSD Caching for fast website serving
  • 45-days money back guarantee
  • Local payment options – Cash Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Offline Payment
  • Plesk Onyx powered control panel
  • Cannot host multiple websites in Starter and Standard plans
  • Shared hosting starts at ₹49/mo (regular ₹139/mo)
Latency Test Results
Bitcatcha (Bangalore): 118 ms
* Click to enlarge image. (Mumbai, EC2, Chrome): 0.161s
* Click to enlarge image.

3. is a privately held web hosting company who ventured in California and extended their service to India and Europe later.
They feature a drag and drop website builder at free of cost with all plans. There are 190+ pre-made templates which you can use to build your site.
They offer 24/7 live chat support who responded to my first message in 4-5 seconds. And also there are all-day phone support and support ticket system.
Notable Features
  • Server Location: Delhi
  • 50% off on the first purchase
  • Free domain name for 1 year in Advanced and Ultimate plans
  • Free Private SSL
  • Free Drag and Drop website builder
  • Local payment options – Cash Card, Debit Card, Mobile Payment, Net Banking, Offline Payment
  • Low priority support and resource power in the Basic plan
  • Shared hosting starts at ₹75/mo (regular ₹149/mo)
Latency Test Results
Bitcatcha (Bangalore): 115 ms
* Click to enlarge image. (Mumbai, EC2, Chrome): 0.209s
* Click to enlarge image.

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