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I’ve talked about Adfly before.
 This is an ad network that allows you to shorten links so that when someone clicks on the links, they will also be shown an advertisement.  At the same time, you will earn money for each view.  It’s a quick and simple way to start earning money online even if you don’t have your own website.  So if you want to dip your feet in the online money making waters, this may be a good place to start.Signup For one Now
Previously, I offered a quick tutorial on how you may be able to promote your links automatically through niche twitter accounts. I’ve had a good response to that article and had some people sign up and start using Adfly with that method.  I was curious to see how they were doing, so I took a look at some of their earnings.

Of course, earnings varied according to how they operated and how they were promoting their links.  Here’s a screenshot of a couple of my referral’s earnings: earning online

 Now, you can see that the earnings are varied.  Some of these people have been using gadfly longer than others.  But I wanted to highlight a couple of these guys who’ve been members for less than a month.  $4 in 3 weeks may not seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind this is just the beginning.  Also, the earnings become cumulative as you add more promotional techniques.

I started out earning about $4 a month as well, but after a few months, I’m now earning upwards of $0.50 a day and I find that I earn more and more each day.  Partly, it’s because I’m getting more hits on my links and partly, my referral’s earnings are growing daily as well.
Oh, did I forget to mention that you earn 20% of your referral’s earnings for life?

So, once I started hitting $0.50 cents a day, I thought to myself that this actually is a pretty good passive income stream.  But I also realized that I was really not even using it to it’s fullest potential.
After all, I’m using the simplest method, which is twitter to promote my links.  But while twitter works well, it’s not the only method around.  For the enterprising, there are higher converting methods as far as generating interest.

There are people earning hundreds and even thousands each month through Adfly:

 You can see proof of other people’s earnings at the Adfly Forums.

Of course, I wanted to learn how these people were earning so much monthly.  So, I set about on a quest to figure out the best methods for generating interest and clicks.  And I put it all together in an ebook.
Now, this is not an exhaustive list, as there are many ways to promote yourself.  If you’re imaginative, you can likely find other ways to get your links out there.  However, these are some of the most effective techniques.
Also, while these are methods that are specific to Adfly.  They can also be used generally to promote any type of link, including your websites or blogs.
Here’s a quick list of some of the methods described in my ebook:

  • Twitter:  This is a quick and easy way to set up and promote your links
  • Facebook:  I’ve included a quick Facebook script I found that helps in getting likes quickly
  • Online Classifieds:  Of course Craigslist is mentioned specifically, but this method will work well with any online classified website.
  • Pastebin:  Putting viral articles with links into paste bin works well.  I put up a step by step guide
  • Youtube:  People are using youtube to great success, but you have to be methodical about how you do it.  I’ve laid out the technique in the book.
  • File Sharing:  This is another great method.  There’s a combination of techniques that you can use with various file sharing sites to great effect.
  • Other techniques:  I’ve described in detail the above techniques and others in my new ebook.

Like I said earlier, currently, I’m earning money just by simply employing my twitter technique.  Others are earning much more by using a combination of methods.
My goal in putting together this ebook is to educate myself, but also to educate anyone interested in earning some extra money with their links.
Depending on how much time and effort you put in setting up these methods, you could start earning a significant amount of money through Adfly as others are doing right now

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