How To Setup Your Custom Domain On Blogger /

How To Setup Your Custom Domain On Blogger / 

Setup Your Domain or Add Your Domain You Bought From Another Domain Name Providers Like Hostgator, Dynadot,godaddy,, Etc.
Find Menu Named As Nameservers Or DNS You Will see Table Like in The Below Picture.
Custom Domain On Blogger
Custom Domain On Blogger

  1. In the “Domain Record” section under “Record Type” select ‘A’. You’ll need to create four separate ‘A’ records which point to four different Google IPs. For the first “IP Address or Target Host” box, type in the IP address
  2. Do the same for the other three IP addresses in the fields below –, and
  3. In the “Subdomain Records” section under “Subdomain”, type in www as your first subdomain. Select CNAME as the “Record Type”. Under “IP Address or Target Host” type in (Please note that Blogger may ask you to enter another CNAME record.) 
  4. Configuring Blogger Settings
    1. Log in to your Blogger account
    2. Navigate to Dashboard-> Settings -> Publishing -> Add a custom domain -> Switch to advanced settings.
    3. In the Advanced Settings input box, type in www.yourdomain.ext (For example:
    4. Click on the Save button.

    If You Got error while Adding Domain on Blogger Then Wait Few Hours or 24 Hours.

Please note, it might take some time for your changes Some Of Domain Provider Get At Least Time 24 Hours For setting Of Your Nameservers Record.

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